Monday, November 9, 2009

West Meets South

Some notes from the latest letter...

Elder Bednar is coming...What should I wear, a skirt... or.. a skirt? My comp was really sad on Sunday because we called all Saturday night for people to go to church and looked for them all Sunday morning and had nobody at church. Then like five minutes before sacrament we went to go find another girl that´s not even an investigator just a contact and she came. But it´s a little discouraging. Hermana Lewis and Hermana Hulen from the MTC always call me to chat. It happens to them, too.

My new comp is amazing. I have fear though, because she thinks she´s getting transferred to a new area in two weeks which means I´ll be staying here with a new comp. I´m so lazy. I hate responsibility, but it´s necessary for growth. My only problem is remembering all the names of our ward members and investigators, even though they all have the same names. I swear everybody and their dog is named Jose.

Anyway, I love you all. I can´t remember everything I wanted to tell you, but don´t worry about me. I´ll be just fine here in Argentina. Just pray for my safety.

Elder Bednar came to Argentina for a mission conference on November 19, 2009 and all the missions in the Buenos Aires area were able to attend and renew acquaintances... Like Elder Rice's blog says, "South Meets West"!

Pictures from Argentina

Today we received these pictures
from Jill.