Tuesday, December 28, 2010

November 29, 2010--Buen Dia

So how are you guys all doing in the deep dark depression of winter?  Suckers!

Today we have a zone activity so we have to take a train at eleven, which is why we are here early cuz we have to travel far to get together with the other Elders.  We re basically isolated out here.

OH!!  I almost forgot!  Veronica, Laura, and Noelia got baptized on Saturday!  It was one of the most gratifying experiences I have had on the mission.  Veronica was so extremely grateful for Hermana Hobbs and me.  It was nice to be appreciated

Something funny that happened:  We had the baptism in the Elders area in a real church because we thought it would be a nicer experience for them.  We had to take a 40-minute train ride.  When we got to the train station we found out it was cancelled!  I was a little stressed, as you can imagine.  So we called our Branch President cuz they all have cars.  We ended up traveling in a caravan about a half hour to the baptism.  We were about five or six cars full of people.  That is not common in Argentina.  Hermana Hobbs and I felt like we were in Utah just going to church or something.

This next week is stake conference and a general authority is coming.  Hector's family is SOOOOO ready to get baptized.  It's insane!  Yesterday after church we were on the phones with the elders from the south mission, Gavin's mission, where Hector was baptized 25 years ago.  We were finding his records.  We are trying to push so that he can baptize his wife and his daughter.  You have no idea how incredibly wonderful this family is!

November 23, 2010--We Meet Hector

Sorry I did not write yesterday.  It was a holiday here in Argentina and considering we have only two small options of cybers, they were both closed.  Good news though.....We are having three baptisms on Saturday--Veronica, the woman we found on the street and her two daughters.

I dunno if I already told you this story, hopefully not.  BUT, we were found--not we found--but we were found by a man named Hector, who asked us for a Bible when he was pulling out of his house in his car with his two daughters.  I thought to myself, "Well, there is a reason this man is in need of a Bible."  He told us that he used to go to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  So he got out of his car and said, "Look, I have to go drop off my girls, but come with me."  Then he went and got his wife and introduced us and told us to stay there until he got back.  We started chatting with the wife and she told us the story.  Five months ago Hector was stabbed by his brother-in-law.  We do not know many details, but just the fact that they are having a real hard time because the family of his wife basically wants to kill him.  Later we found out that Hector was baptized in the church along with his mother and his whole family, but has been less active for about 25 years.  He even received the Aaronic priesthood.  Well, we got to know them about two weeks ago.  They have already come to church and a bunch of activities that our ward has had and they LOVE everything.  He loves us and he calls us Hermanas and everything and respects us. It might sound confusing for you as to why I like that, but I guess it would be hard to understand.  Usually the investigators refer to us as las chicas and not hermanas or missionaries.  It's funny.