Tuesday, December 28, 2010

November 29, 2010--Buen Dia

So how are you guys all doing in the deep dark depression of winter?  Suckers!

Today we have a zone activity so we have to take a train at eleven, which is why we are here early cuz we have to travel far to get together with the other Elders.  We re basically isolated out here.

OH!!  I almost forgot!  Veronica, Laura, and Noelia got baptized on Saturday!  It was one of the most gratifying experiences I have had on the mission.  Veronica was so extremely grateful for Hermana Hobbs and me.  It was nice to be appreciated

Something funny that happened:  We had the baptism in the Elders area in a real church because we thought it would be a nicer experience for them.  We had to take a 40-minute train ride.  When we got to the train station we found out it was cancelled!  I was a little stressed, as you can imagine.  So we called our Branch President cuz they all have cars.  We ended up traveling in a caravan about a half hour to the baptism.  We were about five or six cars full of people.  That is not common in Argentina.  Hermana Hobbs and I felt like we were in Utah just going to church or something.

This next week is stake conference and a general authority is coming.  Hector's family is SOOOOO ready to get baptized.  It's insane!  Yesterday after church we were on the phones with the elders from the south mission, Gavin's mission, where Hector was baptized 25 years ago.  We were finding his records.  We are trying to push so that he can baptize his wife and his daughter.  You have no idea how incredibly wonderful this family is!

November 23, 2010--We Meet Hector

Sorry I did not write yesterday.  It was a holiday here in Argentina and considering we have only two small options of cybers, they were both closed.  Good news though.....We are having three baptisms on Saturday--Veronica, the woman we found on the street and her two daughters.

I dunno if I already told you this story, hopefully not.  BUT, we were found--not we found--but we were found by a man named Hector, who asked us for a Bible when he was pulling out of his house in his car with his two daughters.  I thought to myself, "Well, there is a reason this man is in need of a Bible."  He told us that he used to go to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  So he got out of his car and said, "Look, I have to go drop off my girls, but come with me."  Then he went and got his wife and introduced us and told us to stay there until he got back.  We started chatting with the wife and she told us the story.  Five months ago Hector was stabbed by his brother-in-law.  We do not know many details, but just the fact that they are having a real hard time because the family of his wife basically wants to kill him.  Later we found out that Hector was baptized in the church along with his mother and his whole family, but has been less active for about 25 years.  He even received the Aaronic priesthood.  Well, we got to know them about two weeks ago.  They have already come to church and a bunch of activities that our ward has had and they LOVE everything.  He loves us and he calls us Hermanas and everything and respects us. It might sound confusing for you as to why I like that, but I guess it would be hard to understand.  Usually the investigators refer to us as las chicas and not hermanas or missionaries.  It's funny.

Monday, November 15, 2010


There are large bursts of lightning and thunder occurring right now and my computer keeps cutting gout, so we will see how we can get through this.  We had a great week.  I am happy with Hermana Hobbs.  I am happy with my area.  I think we have finally realized the power of scriptures.  We like the scriptures a lot.  I have discovered the Bible dictionary this week and that I like it.  It's a little more interesting to study that way.

Our two families came to church and all have baptismal dates.  Are the members excited?  You bet!  Are we?  Even more!  I dunno if I ever told you guys this, but all the priesthood and their friends have a ping pong and pizza night here and Hobbsy and I go sometimes to get references and I played ping pong last week and I wasn't too rusty.  It was all that practice at the Rice house!

Well, the computers all just cut out again.  Sorry this will probably be short.

November 8, 2010--Here Come the Cops

Funny story this week....We went to Navarro, which is part of our area apart and it is all country land.  We are talking cows, sheep, pigs, etc.  It was extremely hot that day so Hermana Saren Hobbs and I found two sombreros in our pench and decided we would utilize those.  So we get off the bus in "Circleville Number 2" (a reference to another small town) and started walking around in our sombreros.  Some time after lunch we were walking on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere and up comes a police car to stop us. The two policemen get out of their car and start asking for our documents and who we are and why we are here and where we came from.  Someone had called the cops on us saying there were two girls who got off the bus this morning wandering around town causing problems and bothering the people.  We were having a good old time talking to everybody in our hats and laughing.  That's what happens in a small town.  I think it was the hats that caused all the attention.

Yesterday we went to church out in Navarro.  They only have church for two hours and we had never been there for a Sunday meeting yet.  We got there and we were six people in total.  The meetings are held in a home.  We began sacrament meeting and I dunno what it was, but being only six people out in the middle of nowhere in an insanely hot little house worshipping together hit me hard.  I bore my testimony and I started to cry and told them that I come from Utah where there are hundreds of people always in one testimony meeting.  But in that little room yesterday, I felt the spirit and it made me think how it was for Joseph Smith and the others when they first organized the church.  I can't wait to see these branches grow out here.

My companion spent several hours this week cutting hair.  It is counted as service.  She cuts hair while I teach, it works out quite well, actually.  We had zone conference this week and we were the only hermanas out of more than 50 missionaries.  All the sisters are basically in the same zone back in capital.

NOVEMBER 1, 2010--Tormenta Blanca

We had a "tormenta blanca" (that's missionary term) in our area.  Every elder in our zone came to our area on Tuesday and we all worked here.  It was amazing.  They found lots of good new people for us to teach.  The only problem is now trying to organize it all and find the people and see who will really progress.  On Wednesday we had what is called el censo.  That's when they count the whole country to see the population.  We had to stay in the pench all day until six.  Hermana Hobbs and I took advantage and cleaned, yet again.  It was nice.  I'll send you pictures of the pench, but you can't really get a good feel for how big it is!

We went out to one of the surrounding towns that is 45 minutes away by bus ride to go work.  It is in our area.  It is out in the middle of nowhere.  Last night we went again and waiting for the bus to come at the bus stop we were watching two guys dressed in European hats trying to catch a horse.  Hermana Hobbs and I didn't think they could do it and we were discussing the probabilities.  Then I said that man has dominion over the animals of the earth.  We laugh alot--she and I.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


OCTOBER 25, 2010

I have soooooo much to tell.  First, we had a baptism yesterday.  Again.  You bet!  Rodrigo, who is nine years old and was an investigator of the elders who were just here in this area.  I got TRANSFERRED!!  And my comp is NORTH AMERICAN from UTAH!  Do I love my life??  We talk English.  Her name is Hermana Saran Hobbs from Ogden, Utah.  We are in Las Heras—two hours away from the mission office and we are out in the COUNTRY.  We walk on dirt roads in the middle of nowhere and see cows, sheep, chickens, all sorts of good stuff.  But I LOVE it here!!  I love my companion and my area and the people are amazing!  It’s completely different and clean.

We are in charge of three branches.  We don’t have a ward, but we have basically three areas and on Sundays we can choose where we wanna go to church.  On Sunday there were about 40 in attendance and they told us that is more than usual.  There’s a family here called the Miguez family.  Remember that name.  They are basically our ward—a family of 7 or 8 or something and then add their spouses.  They basically hold all the major callings of the branch and all the men served missions.  They help us SOOOO much.  We eat at one of the families’ houses almost every day.  They just rotate.

I feel super at-home here and I am really happy.  Tomorrow we are having our entire zone come here to help us work because we had a white wash (when they take out elders and put in sisters).  So Hobbsy and I are just starting from scratch here. 

Yesterday at church we had to teach the gospel principals class and we gave the talks in sacrament meeting.  I remember all of Jeff’s and Brian’s stories talking about the wards on their missions and how they were so tiny and the missionaries had to really involved.  So now I actually feel like a real missionary.

You’d think that the houses would be more humble here cuz it’s out in the country, but they’re actually nicer and a TON cleaner and there aren’t dogs running around all over the place.  It’s super safe.  It’s basically Utah in Argentina.

Oh, Hermana Hobbs did hair before the mission so she’s gonna help me out.   That’ll be nice!  We’re the only sister missionaries in our zone and there aren’t any in any of the surrounding zones either cuz this transfer it was super crazy.  All the hermanas were changed.  My last comp is now training and Hermana Lewis got white washed, too, with Hermana Lopez, but they’re all super far away from us. 

Our pench is HUGE.  But HUGE!  We spent six ours cleaning it when we got here, but it’s kinda creepy, but I like creepy—so it’s nice.

OCTOBER 18, 2010

Well, I have lots of news.  Marcelo was baptized on Saturday.  It was a mess.  We had more investigators there in the beginning than members.  But an hour later we ended up with clothes, members, even food, and the guy who was doing the baptism.

After the baptism my compy and I had to run cuz we had an appointment and we went to the bus stop outside the church where there was an old man standing.  As usual we began talking to him and he began telling us lots of things, which I didn’t believe, like that he was a doctor…I didn’t believe him because he lives in the old folks home that is two blocks from the church and there lots of crazies that live there.  We got on the bus with him and he sat by us and we chatted.  We gave him a pamphlet and invited him to church the next day.

Oh, p.s…. he recited poetry to us.  His name is Oscar.  Well, he CAME TO CHURCH all on his own in a suit and everything.  And guess what?  He is really smart and was a doctor.  I had the teacher teach the restoration and the origin of the church and the lesson was amazing.  Oscar was amazing!  He actually knew his stuff.  I was good.

We played soccer for a good three hours and I loved my life, but now I’m sweaty.  Gavin sent me photos of Kato (the cat).  Mom and Dad, I thought you put him on a diet!  He’s looking plumpily happy.

OCTOBER 11, 2010

Beatriz came to church yesterday.  She’s the lady who doesn’t talk to her husband.  She wants to get baptized, but two of her nine kids refuse to approve.  So we are working with them now.  Maracelo, our amazing investigator is getting baptized on Saturday.  He’s super prepared and excited—inviting everybody. 

This week we helped the Alarcon family put in a tile floor.  My comp took some video.  Mom, I remember how you put in our tile floor in the basement.  I learned how so maybe I’ll be just like you, Mom.

OCTOBER 4, 2010

So I have some things I wrote down.  Mom and Dad, I want to thank you for paying for my mission.  I want you to watch Elder Holland’s talk again cuz Mom I know you tevo’d it and I want you to know how grateful I am and that really hit me—all the things he said in his talk.  I’ve had a charmed life.  Now….my credit card got rejected today…..

Dad, you mentioned how you thought conference was about faith…watch it again and you might pick up something else.  Sister Lewis and I pretty much got the conclusion that here were many talks concerning agency and the Holy Ghost.’’

As far as conference goes I will say one thing:  “I say unto you I cannot say the smallest part of what I feel” and don’t think this is a cop out because of my scarcity in my ambition for writing, but I took more than 12 pages of notes.  I really liked conference!

I am grateful for the growth and the experience of the mission I have had.  I am also grateful for the people who have been able to come to know of the same knowledge.  I am grateful for all the testimonies of fellow missionaries, leaders, parents family, friends, etc.  There have been many examples that have impacted my life.  I find myself being surprised constantly with the strength of the testimonies around me.  I am grateful for all the letters you write me and pictures you send me.  I am grateful that I was born in the United States and one day I will return back to that wonderful land.  I am grateful for my companion who helps me a ton.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


SEPTEMBER 27, 2010

This week is General Conference.  I’m SOOOOO excited.  I love General Conference.  We get to watch it in English with all the North American missionaries and we just get snack and hang out.

Hermana Godfrey, a friend, and Hermana Daniels
(Jill never tells us who is in the photos, so we have to guess!)

This week I had divisions with Hermana Godfrey, who is American.  It’s so weird being with an American.  After she left I missed talking in English.  I dunno if you guys have realized this, but I have NEVER had a North American companion and I don’t see it happening next transfer either.

So our recent convert family—the dad is trying to quit smoking to try to get baptized.  We’ll see how that goes.

We are taking Beatriz’s daughter with us to Moron with the other hermanas.  We had a really spiritual lesson with Maria, but she didn’t come to church.

Hope you are all remembering that I exist.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2010

I love that you all went to Gavin homecoming!  It made me happy to see those pictures of you in the Rice’s home theatre!

This week we had stake conference with Elder Aidukitais.  We had not even one single investigator in the conference.  Gosh, I hated it so bad.  But my comp and I worked a ton yesterday cuz we were so frustrated and found some really good people.

I feel like I’ve lived in Argentina my whole life.  I’ve been here so long.  I’ve almost been living her a year—nothing compared to the two that Gavin just finished.  But it’s weird.

Maria, who is waiting for a heart transplant, said she wants to get baptized, but she said she wants to wait til she gets better.  Our other good investigator, Beatriz, has nine kids and lives with her husband, but they haven’t talked to each other for ten years and they live under the same roof.  She likes church, but she needs to quit working on Sundays.  She went on vacation this week to see her son in southern Argentina for her birthday, but she gets back this week so we’ll go chat with her.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2010

On Saturday we had four baptisms—the Alarcon family got baptized—three boys and their sister.

Remember Maria, the investigator who was waiting for a heart transplant?  Well, she came to church this Sunday.  She was sitting there with her mom.  I LOVED seeing her there.  I know now more than ever that things do not just happen without a reason.  One of my favorite members, Hermano Peralta (he’s the one whose wife has cancer), gave a talk on priesthood blessings for healing the sick.  During the block we had Hermano Peralta and another priesthood holder gave her a blessing.  I loved what he said about the priesthood blessings in his talk how basically it has no importance the words of the priesthood holder, but the importance is the faith of the person receiving the blessing and how before we ask for a priesthood blessing we have to do ALL necessary with the doctors and medication to help our situation which is good because Maria doesn’t really listen to her doctors. 

Funny story:  There is this couple that just moved here from the states that live around the corner from us.  Both are members, both inactive—but REAL inactive.  The husband was raised in Utah and went to BYU because he was recruited for the rocket engineering program.  We are going to their house today to teach them.  On Saturday I gave him the book, Our Search for Happiness, and I asked him to read it before today.  He said he would do it.  So we will see what he thinks. 


Events of the week:  Hermana Benton came with us on divisions one day.  I really like her.  She is so nice.  It rained all week and on Saturday after lunch the sun came out.  When the sun came out, it was like my comp and I were new people—just loving our lives!  We spend our time in the streets laughing a lot.  She’s from Paraguay.  I also went on divisions back to Aldo Bonzi with Hermana Urdapilleta.  We went to mutual and I got to see a ton of the members—and my converts.

Today we had zone activity and played soccer and basketball.  It was nice to sweat.  I sweated!

Yesterday was fast Sunday.  Our family came and they’re getting baptized on Saturday.  We had another couple come for the first time, too.


AUGUST 30, 2010

Yesterday was a big joke.  We spent the day in the streets yesterday just laughing about what all went down at church.  We finally had a ton of investigators at church and it was the worst Sunday meeting session I have ever had in Argentina.  We had members sit by the investigators and the members fell asleep during the talks.  The investigators slowly started leaving throughout the meetings and by the last, they were all gone.  It’s all right.  Next week it has to be better because it can’t get any worse, right?  My companion and I just laughed about it!  I like my comp.  She works really hard.

This week we found a new investigator named Maria.  She is 45 with three kids and a few grandkids.  In the last few months she has had two heart attacks and now the doctors tell her that her heart has the age of a 95 year old person.  She is waiting for a heart transplant.  It’s amazing to teach her because she’s so sensitive to life because she feels like she could die at any moment.  She’s really receptive to all the things we teach her.  She asked us to pray for her and I have been praying for her a lot and I’ve been seeing the answers.  The next time we went to teach her, she had been waiting for us.  Family, a lot of the time that doesn’t happen—that the people are waiting and anticipating for us to come.  We invited her to be baptized and she accepted.  We’ve just gotta find a way to get her to church cuz it’s not all the easy with her condition.

Our family of boys all came to church yesterday and they all have baptismal dates, but we have to work harder with them to gain real testimonies.    

AUGUST 23, 2010

We have started immigrating working in all the parts of our area—we’ve been working in the rich parts of our area.  And I’m not going to lie, there are some rich parts.  The biggest house I’ve ever seen in Argentina is the house of this old investigator named Damien that we just found in our area book.  We passed by and I was thinking—no way, this has to be the wrong direction.  So we rang the doorbell and the little security camera was just pointing at me and I was thinking to myself that there’s no way they’re going to let us in.  They’ll just talk to us through the microfone.  We sweet talked our way into having the wife come out and she told us all about when the hermanas would come over and all this stuff.  I guess they guy read the Book of Mormon in two months and wanted to get married, but the wife said to choose me or the church and he chose her. 

It sounds really familiar to our investigator named David.  His wife yelled at us this week and told us to not come by anymore and so I asked her if she goes to a church and she said no and that she was actually looking for the true church right now.  Then I asked her if she ever asked her husband why he feels this is the true church and she responded saying that she hadn’t and that her husband is  just confused.  Well, we fasted for them this week and we are going by Tuesday to see what we can do. 

Our favorite family is progressing and another one of the boys came to church this week and the youngest started really listening. 

AUGUST 16, 2010

Today we are with Hermanas Lewis and Godfrey.   We have laughed more today that I have in a long time.  I miss being able to fully express things with common interests and forms of communication.  I can communicate completely with everyone in Spanish, it’s just not quite the same as English.

I get joy and satisfaction out of the work I am doing.  That is one of the fundamentals of my testimony.  The longer I am here, the more familiar I am becoming with the Holy Ghost.  I don’t think I knew him before the mission.

The week we completed the goal I’ve been hoping for—for a long time.  We started teaching the boys in the family we found.  Before we just taught the parents and the daughter, but this week we sat down with all the boys twice.  They are 16, 18, 19, 20, and 23.  Do I think future missionaries every time I think of this family?  Yes!  They came to church this week and when their mom got the Holy Ghost she started crying.  I hope that her kids get baptized.

Jessica, our other investigator that has had a bunch of ups and downs, I think she is one of my favorite investigators.  She came to church with her two kids and got there early and she was sportin’—lookin’ really nice in one of the skirts that I gave her.

AUGUST 9, 2010

Dad, you wanted to know my release date and I told you March 3.  Lie.  It’s March 1.  (Actually it’s February 28, but she’ll probably be home March 1.)  Like that makes much of a difference, but there you go.  Make plans.  It would be cool if you guys could make it to the airport that day.

So this week was kinda bad.  Nobody came to church.  Kill me.  We had three baptismal dates, but now we only have one.  But it’s okay because we will do all we can to get them back on track.  One of our investigator families (ones that aren’t married because the hubby doesn’t want to get married) the grandma died this week.  We taught them the plan of salvation and they totally loved it and felt so much better, but still didn’t come to church. 


Can't miss her with that neon bag!

Does she like it or not?

Everybody loves Jill!

I cut straight across bangs. 

AUGUST 2, 2010

I have a new companion.  Her name is Hermana Duarte from Paraguay.  She speaks Guarane.  It’s cool.  We will probably be together for two transfers.

So this is what happened this week.  We were supposed to have three baptisms, right?  Well, didn’t happen.  The two little kids are having the police come to their house today and they are moving out tomorrow to fix all the problems with the dad.  David, our 51 year old investigator drank two days before he was supposed to get baptized.  So none of them happened.  BUT…our family that we have been teaching that has all the boys that could go on missions…well, the mom came to church with the daughter this week even after she told us on Friday not to waste our time with her.  Anyway, in our gospel principles class she bore her testimony.  We were talking to her after and she told us she wanted to get baptized.  The daughter isn’t too sure about baptism yet, but she told us that she feels something different. 

This week was good.  Hermana Perez was trunky, but she finished off well.  Saul, one of our investigators came to church by himself in his car all dressed in a suit. It was nice.  He loves the church, but mainly for social reasons.  We’ll have to work on that.

So today at transfers I felt good cuz I saw the fruits of my labors.  In Hurlingham, Norma, they lady that we contacted one rainy night got baptized and Diego, my last convert in Hurlingham baptized his parents and is going to baptize his daughter next week.  Also, in Aldo Bonzi a bunch of the people we found and taught got baptized so it felt good!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


July 26, 2010

I wrote down a bunch of stuff to tell you guys, but I forgot to bring my planner.  Oops!  This week was one of those weeks that I felt unworthy to see and be a part of all the miracles we saw.  I’ll try to explain…..

There is a member here named Sergio Peralta, a father of three children, and his wife has caner.  They recently moved here from another part of Argentina.  He recently retired and he’s gotta be barely 40.  He was a Bishop in his last ward and has been without a calling here in our ward for months now.  He is using his efforts to help the mission force.  Us.  He came with us to visit three of our investigators that we are worried about—the two little boys and David, our 51 year old miracle investigator who has a stronger testimony that I do.  The little boys had problems because the dad is now interfering and won’t let them leave to go to church and activities.  David’s wife is not a member and thinks Mormonism is a cult.

Anyway, Hermano Peralta came with us and we visited all of them.  The lessons we had were so much better because they listened to him and I could see the power of the priesthood and authority he has and how the people listened to him.  Sometimes the people are just sick of the flavor we give off and need a new taste to open their eyes and that’s what he did. 

Jessica came to church yesterday and is doing amazingly well.  We are also teaching two families.  Yes, two complete families.  In one family the parents need to get married and they have two kids.  The other family has six kids.  They came to church yesterday.  It was awesome. 

July 19, 2010

Yesterday it rained ALL day, but we still had four investigators in sacrament meeting.  The two little boys that we are teaching and their mom came.  We also had an older guy named Saul come.  He’s about 80.  I dunno if I wrote you about him.  He was a contact in the street.  I just started talking to him and we taught him then and there and he came to church.  He was asked to say the prayer and when he prayed he said that his life changed that day—that day being yesterday.  We invited ourselves over for lunch tomorrow and I am going to try to cook flan and we are going to invite him to be baptized.

The two little boys are getting baptized in two weeks.  They love church.  I love them.  It has been so cold here the last few weeks.  I will be excited for it to get warm again, but they tell me that won’t happen til September.

July 12, 2010

Last night about ten o’clock-ten thirtiesh we are supposed to go to bed and our thermo tank went out (provides us with hot water).  So we called the Bishop of the elders’ ward cuz he’s in charge of fixing the penches in our area.  He gets to our pench at like eleven fifteenish and helps me light it.  He leaves.  Then it goes out again so he came back up the elevator and we lit it again.  Well, something happened this time and gas and flames started shooting out all around it.  He wouldn’t even go in to turn the gas off.  I was like, who’s going to do it?  You or me?  Then it stopped and went out.  Anyway, we have gas problems!  We’ve had one of those alarm things that we have on the houseboat for that type of gas that you can’t smell.  I can’t remember what it’s called.  But we have one of those and the alarm goes off sometimes and we have to book it out of our pench.  A guy is coming in like an hour to fix it.  Satan wants me and my comp dead.

I’ve been buying sliced meat to make sandwiches, right?  I found out this week that the meat I’ve been buying is HORSE meat!!!  I’ve been eating horse.  They slice it and make it look like ham.  They call everything here ham, but it’s all different kinds of random meats and they just generalize.  So to my surprise, I’ve been eating horse!


It’s my birthday this week.  I don’t want to be 22.  I want to stay 19 forever.  I feel like that was a good age—19.  Twenty-two is old.  But what do you do?

I was reading in the Liahona (the Ensign) and it had a list of all the new mission presidents and where they will be serving.  My branch president in the MTC was called to be a Mission President in Japan.  He was the most amazing leader.  He will do a good job!

We have an investigator named David and he is 51, has five kids, and has been an investigator for like a year and a half and we are pulling our teeth to get him baptized.  He has a testimony about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon more than I do.  When he bears his testimony it helps my own and I love it.  He just can’t commit and his wife doesn’t want him to get baptized.  He went to her church this Sunday.  We are having a discussion with both of them Wednesday.  We’ll see how that goes.

We found a family that is amazing and the parents are both listening and the mom and the daughter came to church this week.  The dad said that every time we come visit them, we leave him wondering and on the edge of his seat because there is something that he just can’t put his finger on.  He wants to know if what we are teaching is true and he said he needs to go to our church to find out if it’s true.  Too bad he worked this Sunday or he would have come, too.  They have four boys and a girl and they have so much potential.  We have a family night with them Thursday and we’re going to bring this couple from our ward—the Familia Peralta.  They’re amazing!  They help us so much with the work.

July 5, 2010

This week was average, but an average week for us is pretty eventful—full of wonderful stories everyday.  My new comp and I laugh a lot.  For example the other night we were walking down this street and my skirt got caught on some barbed wire that was on the ground and pulled my skirt right off.  Good thing I had a slip on, eh?

Our investigator, Jessica, is struggling.  For example, the other day Jessica put 50 pesos away to save to go buy groceries because they have no money and she was going to go buy the children food.  Her boyfriend came home and stole the money and bought beer with it so she couldn’t go shopping.

Ariel, who is 32, came to church this week.  He has like super ADD and after the first two hours, I could tell he was losing it.  Anyway, we left him in priesthood with some of the members and afterward we went to look for him.  He was nowhere to be found.  Just got out of there and walked on home.  His house is like 30 blocks from the church.

We have several investigators, but none of them are ready for baptism because of two things:  word of wisdom and the law of chastity.  That’s where Satan’s got the world in his little hands—those two laws. 

Monday, November 1, 2010


JUNE 28, 2010

Yesterday my comp and I taught Primary.  There were 11 little kids and I was insanely drained afterward.  Little kids really take it out of you.  The new ward is smaller.  It’s what I thought Argentina would be like.  I guess Hurlingham was the largest ward in the stake.  But I like this area.  It has a lot of potential.

There is an investigator named Jessica.  She has two little boys.  Her husband has substance problems.  She has been an investigator for almost two years.  I already knew her a little bit from doing divisions here a few times so the first time we were going to see her I already knew her situation.  I thought of the plan of salvation puzzle and pulled it out.  We explained how she needs to think more in long-term rather than short-term.  After we taught her this lesson, it’s like a big boulder hit her in the head.  She told me last night that the lesson made things crystal clear.  She really wants to get baptized.

We are supposed to have a baptism in two weeks.  His name is David.  He’s been an investigator for two years and is finally getting baptized.  He’s about 51 years old and has kids, but his wife doesn’t want anything to do with the gospel.  We’ll see what we can do.

JUNE 21, 2010

We had transfers today and I left Hurlingham.  It’s sad.  I felt very, very loved from all the converts, recent converts, and members.  It helped me a lot.  I know I told you that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to come back here, but now I do.  I have already promised a bunch of people I would come back.

I am in Ituzaingo 4 with Hermana Perez from Nicaragua.  She is “dying” this transfer, which means going home at the end of this transfer.

Just so you know, I’ve been using the same earplugs since the MTC.  I have fallen in love with earplugs.  I threw them away last night when I was packing and hopefully I can wean myself from them.

We had a baptism yesterday.  His name is Diego.  I’ll send you pictures.  I haven’t written much about him because of the bus accident and stuff.

I can’t believe Blake got married and that you all got to go.  Do you realize when I get home we will all be able to be in the temple together?  That will be cool!

Enjoy the warm weather because today was the first day of winter and it will start getting cold here.  We are slaves to the climate. 

JUNE 15, 2010

I am in the offices right now.  I have to write you guys an email because something happened yesterday and we did not have time to do internet. So yesterday we took a taxi to run an errand and when we finished I was getting out of the car and I did not look when I opened the door and a bus came by and hit the car door.  Well, then a number of things happened after that. We were parked really badly almost in the street, which is why the bus hit us, but also, I did not look.  What happened afterward was the worst part.

He wanted me to pay 500 pesos to him and he would take care of it.  Wowo wow wow!  I thought I do not have 500 pesos to give.  So then I asked him about his insurance and asked him to give me the number of his insurance company and I will call them and work through it with them.  He said no and that is not how it works here—pointing out the fact that I was North American and did not know the system or whatever.  Then he started saying he did not have taxi insurance, only personal.  It was illegal for him to even take us………

(Long story short:  the price got up to 2,300 pesos and kept going up and up and up!  So Jill called President Benton, the assistants spent almost a whole day with the taxi driver, and they all kind of came to an agreement.)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


May 31, 2010

Tomorrow we are having an Area Seventy come, Elder Aidukaitis.  He's from Brazil and the Area Authority will be there.  Today we had a really fun p-day.  I was so sick of doing nothing that we got together a member, our recent convert, Lucas, and four elders and played soccer.  I liked it.

I will have divisions again this week with Hermana Lewis and I'm going back to Aldo Bonzi again.  I love that place.  The people are so accepting.  Hurlingham is great, too.  Last Monday was kinda hard because Norma and Luciano, who were going to get baptized this weekend both fell bak into temptation.  She started smoking again and Luciano started drinking again.  We are working really hard with them and have had some really spiritual lessons and hopefully, if we do all we can, they will get baptized before the end of this transfer.

Say your prayers and then act.  Have a good week!

May 17, 2010

My cough is the same, even though I finished the antibiotic, but who cares....I am fine.  My comp, however, has been waking up in the night with coughing attacks and I've had to help clam her down.  It kinda stinks that we couldn't work like normal this week.  It's getting really cold here.

As far as the work goes, things are good.  We still have the two investigators.  Norma--I LOVE her.  She's 57, a nurse, and super smart, but she has some things to work on.  Her neighbor, Luciano is 72 and comes to church every week and loves it.  Lucas, our recent convert, comes with us like three or four times a week to teach.  He loves the church and is doing really well.

May 3, 2010

Alright, so as far as Lucas goes, he's getting baptized this Sunday!  He's probably the best investigator I've ever had.  The last baptism we had was Sabastian.  He's 22 and wants to serve a mission, but he still has three years of school left he has to finish.  It makes me so happy to see when the investigators progress and I don't feel like they will fall whenever we aren't teaching them every day and making sure they're keeping all their commitments.

Today was zone activity and we played sports.  I loved it!  Yes, I played even though I am sick.  I need the exercise.  Exercising makes me happy and it makes me able to work harder so I like that.


April 26, 2010

Yesterday my comp and I were walking to church in the morning at about 8 a.m. and all of a sudden ten dogs started following us and they were not nice dogs.  My comp’s biggest fear is dogs because she was bit once really bad when she was little.  They were following us fighting and growling with each other for about ten blocks.  Finally we made it to the church and shut the gate in their faces.

I did divisions this week with Hermana Lewis and I went back o my first area and got to visit some of my converts and YES they’re all still active.  I was so happy!  I miss Aldo Bonzi!

April 19, 2010

I have a favor to ask:  I was trying to light the oven to get it going and you have to do it manually here and I had the gas on too long before I stuck the match in there and I almost burned myself to death.  It singed a little bit of my hair, but took off my eyelashes on one eye and part of my eyebrow! It’s not too dramatic, but I’m a little embarrassed.

So I want to devote this email to a good story.  So there’s this less active couple in our ward and they came to church last week and brought a teenage boy with them.  I obviously introduced myself since he wasn’t a member.  Anyway, they left during the middle of sacrament so we went by their house Sunday after church and set up an appointment to teach this kid names Lucas on Tuesday.  We taught him the first lesson and he understood everything more than any adult I’ve ever taught.  He’s 16 years old.  We invited him to be baptized and he told us he had to pray.  Family, you must understand—this is a golden investigator.  We returned again to teach him with these members and taught the Book of Mormon and at the end of the lesson we asked if he had any questions and he asked us if there was a waiting period to be baptized.  We asked if he felt ready so we have scheduled it.  It was amazing! 

The story gets better.  Yesterday at church the less active couple that he was supposed to come with didn’t come to church.  We called them after the first hour and the lady told me they had company.  I had to teach the principles of the gospel class cuz the teacher didn’t come so I sent my comp on divisions to go get Lucas. He was happy to come and wanted to pay for the taxi we used to go pick him up.  Yesterday after church we went and visited him.  We taught him the Plan of Salvation.  Afterward we were just talking and he told us his life story.  He’s only sixteen, but he has more of a life story than more adults I’ve met.  When he was 14 years old he left his house that he left his house that he lived in with his mom and the mom’s boyfriend.  He left to find his father.  He found his real dad and when they met up it was a joyous reunion—crying and all.  Well, the mom warned Lucas that he was a drunk and abusive.  Lucas then realized from the experience when the dad started beating him when he came home drunk every night.  He lived with him for five months in a big city about an hour away from here and started working every day ;to support him and his dad because his dad didn’t work and Lucas just gave him all the money and he spent it on beer and stuff.

One day after those five months passed, the dad just never came home.  That’s when Lucas began to live alone at the age of 14 working and providing for himself living alone.  He got into drugs and stuff.  A month ago he lost his job and had to move back. So now he’s getting baptized.  What a story!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

April 11, 2009---Well, Dad.......

Well, Dad, to answer your gospel question (cuz it was what interested me the most), I honestly don’t have a clue.  But if you want my opinion, I feel that as we take the sacrament, we are renewing the baptismal covenanat and yes, being born again each week.  I remember learning somewhere that being born again is not a one time thing.  It’s a process of conversion and conversion is not a one time thing either.  So as I see it,, yes, we literally are forgiven of our sins each week as we take the sacrament if we repent and progress.  If not, we’re stuck in a rut each week from the sins we transgressed the week before. I you look at it as a process of progression, it has to be true that we are born again each week—progressing and repenting.  But I dunno.  That’s just how I feel.

Something that I’ve analyzed and really come to notice is that the gospel in all its truthfulness and profoundness is really the most simple thing that exists.  That’s why the Savior taught through simple parables.  We are the ones that make them complicated.  The principles of the Gospel are pure and simple.  I remember before the mission I was so obsessed with curiosity of the deep doctrine.   Since being on the mission, I’ve come to a conclusion that the deepest doctrine is the most simple.  One of the most simple doctrines that we teach everyday is the scripture that is most repeated in the Book of Mormon, “Ask and ye shall receive”.  Prayer.  It’s weird I still don’t understand prayer and have lots to improve, but that’s my spiritual thought for the week.  Pray.

As far as this week went, we had a baptism yesterday.  Woo Hoo!  Sebastian!  It was my first baptism with just one person and you know what?  I liked it more.  It was special to me because I was able to observe him more instead of stressing out about everything else.  I really saw joy!  I like it.  My companion is amazing.  I feel like she’s training me—so I am happy in that realm.  I’m a little stressed because we don’t really have too many investigators right now.  We’re having another baptism this Sunday though. 

A Clean Pench is All I Ask--April 5, 2009

Well, I had my first whole week with my new companion and she’s amazing.  This morning she deep-cleaned the pench with me and I am so thankful for that.  As far as training goes, I feel a lot of responsibility.  That’s all I’m going to say, but we are doing just fine.

We are having a baptism this Saturday.  His name is Sebastian.  His story is amazing.  He was telling us this week as we were travelling to conference about his life before because he used to so all kinds of drugs, drink, smoke, the works.  Anyway, he was telling us of near death experiences with drug deals and guns and lots of crazy things.  You can’t even imagine the change he’s had.  He came to every session of Saturday.  He got to the Stake Center with us at one in the afternoon and stayed til eleven at night for priesthood and then Sunday he stayed for all the sessions as well.  Anyway, I’m excited for him to be baptized.

As far as other people, we are struggling.  This is why I feel stress.  But my companion is great.  She’s from Argentina from the Provincia Missiones—the Missionary from Missiones.  I’ll forward you a picture.  (Maybe at some point we’ll even get to know her name!)

I liked conference.  I loved Elder Uchtdorf’s talk on love.  I liked President Monson’s talk alot, too, and yes, I know the sister he talked about.  Hermana Gurr is her name and she left about three months ago so she’s home now.  I din’t know the story either, but we were all watching it in English—the north American missionaries—and when he told the story, we all looked around and the assistants told us it was her.  P.S.  I got to watch it in English.  It was amazing.  All the Argentines were in the sacrament room and all the north American elders and me (the only girl) were upstairs.  I bought food and got to put my feet up for the sessions.  It was so nice.  As far as conference goes, I think the general theme was the atonement and families.  Looks like we need to repent more and teach better in the home.  Anyway, pray for me that I can teach my companion!



Well today we had transfers and I am going to be a trainer.  I will be finding out who my companion is tomorrow when they fly in.  I don’t know what to say.  I’m kind of speechless about the whole thing.  Maybe the next email I send home will be a bit more detail oriented.  I think the Lord knows I need to be humbled so I’ll be on my knees a lot this transfer, I assume.
My area is amazing.  We have three people that have bapatismal dates and we will be getting a lot more—so for this I am gratefrul.  I really miss my companion.  She was more of a friend than a missionary companion.  That’s probably why we only had one transfer together.

My friends have written me and everyone and their dog of my friends are getting married.  I guess that’s what happens when boys like girls and girls like boys.

I’m so excited for general conference.  I think it will be falling in the exact moment that I will be needing it the most.  

Thursday, March 25, 2010


February 15
So I got transferred. I’m sad. I miss my comp and my area. My last day in my area I went to see my recent converts. The oldest girl, Diana, told me she had something for me. She had written me a letter of gratitude and a poem. The mom gave me a ring that’s really cute! As I left my last area I got more of a vision of the work. I saw how much I really loved the people and how much they love the missionaries.

I want to tell you about Michel, a recent convert. He’s twelve and is amazing. He asked us for a missionary bag because every day he tries to go around handing out pamphlets and copies of the Book of Mormon and he invites all of his friends to church. He was giving us references and setting up appointments for us. He was at every mutual activity and a half hour early to church every week. He went to all of our baptisms after his and even the baptism in the other ward with the hermanas that we live with. He talks about serving his mission every time he sees us and everyone in the ward talks about how he is such an example.

Gisell, the other girl who was baptized, is almost half way through the Book of Mormon. She reads and prays every night. She has been to every activity since her baptism and walks twenty minutes to church every Sunday by herself. She has started bringing her mom. The hermanas are going to start working with her. The other three baptisms are all brothers and sisters and when we showed up at church yesterday, they were all there early with their mom, who has been less active for years. So you know what, family?? I am happy.

I am in a new area called Hurlingham. It’s a big city. There’s a McDonald’s close to the pench. My companion is Hermana Carrasco. She’s Argentine and from Nao Kin. I dunno how to spell it—but not the same place as my trainer. I really loved my last companion. We had so much success. It was insane today at transfers. I really got to see just how hard we worked.

February 22
So I am in Hurlingham with Hermana Carrasco and I love Hurlingham. The ward is huge—almost one hundred active members and it’s beautiful here. During the week we were walking along a dirt road and there was a huge field to the right of us—just country and trees at the other side. It reminded me of the movie Pride and Prejudice. It was so pretty. It’s been raining here this week like crazy. One day it was insane. The water was up to our thighs when we had to cross the street in one part and when we got back to the pench, it was full of water. We had to sweep it all out. But it’s a nice break from all the heat. I’m scared when the heat comes back because the pench here is more of an oven than my last. I love my campanion. She’s from Nao Kin, too. She a little thing like five feet tall and she goes home in five weeks.

Hermana Lewis and Hermana Daniels

Today we were with the sisters from Ramos, Hermana Lewis and her companion, and we made vegetable soup and talked in the pench for a few hours. It was really nice cuz it was raining all day. As far as the investigators, there are golden ones here—two couples that are getting married so they can get baptized. They’re both getting married the same day.

March 1

Well, family, I have a story: When I first got to Hurlingham I felt stress because well….anyway, so we were contacting like normal at the train station close to where we live. We got a few appointments to visit those people during the week, but we couldn’t get to all of them. Anyway Friday we did a contact in the street of a nice little couple. We were working Saturday and decided to go see them…just so you know, sometimes we don’t make it to all our appointments because we make a ton. We had a good feeling about this one so we made it a priority. It had been a long mental day because we had amazing lessons that day with people who were insanely accepting. I was emotionally drained. Anyway, I started teaching and I don’t know why I was thinking to myself, “Oh, boy, here we go with a disaster lesson.” We picked it up after a bit and used some visuals and I had a huge feeling to invite them to be baptized. So you know we’re supposed to be inviting everyone to be baptized the first lesson. The thought came to me super strong so at the end of the lesson I did it. This is a family with three kids and the parents are MARRIED. Legitimately married. Adriana, the wife, answered my invitation and said she already received an answer. It turns out the day we were contacting at the train station, they were one of the contacts and one that we didn’t pass by for. We found them again on Friday and that same week she had been crying and struggling because her husband hasn’t had work for two months. She had four pesos to buy food for her whole family and found herself praying for help. She said when we talked to her for the second time she said to herself—these girls are the answer to my prayer. She and her husband had been talking about us coming and Friday she had been waiting outside for us to come all day. She said she already received an answer and they both accepted to pray to be baptized and agreed to come to church. So on Sunday we pulled up in the taxi and the whole family was waiting outside ready for church and everything--dressed in church clothes. I can’t express to you the joy that I felt in that moment. My comp and I could hardly talk we were so incredibly happy. They loved church and tonight we have a family home evening planned with another couple who are waiting to get married to get baptized. We have two wedding this month, so it’s more of a family thing, which is really exciting for me because I haven’t seen a family baptism yet. There’s also a little kid who is eleven and has been to church over twelve times and has read almost the whole Book of Mormon, but his dad says he’s not old enough to make his own decisions so he can’t get baptized. If you have any advice on what we could do to help the father, let us know.

March 15
Well, hello everyone. We had four baptisms yesterday. I love seeing people get baptized. There were over seventy people there. It was insane. My comp goes home in two weeks. I love her. We have fun. Right now I’m sitting next to Hermana Lewis from Arizona. She was with me in the MTC. I love her. We had divisions this week and had a nice little time.

March 22, 2010

Dear Family,

Hermana Lewis’s first name is Koria and Hermana Carrasco’s first name is Giselle. Mom, just so you know, you get a lot of compliments from the people here in the photos I have of you and dad does as well. They all tell me I have very attractive parents. Well, usually the men tell me my mother is beautiful and the women tell me my father is very attractive—so I just put the two together. And the rest of the family, too. They all say that Beth and I look very similar especially now that I have brown hair. I don’t know why I’m telling you this, but anyway…

On Friday I had probably the hardest day yet in the mission as far as the work goes. I’ve never had so much rejection in my life and I used to be a telemarketer for Allstate. Remember that? I do. Anyway, the golden family that we found was just not having it. He found work and so now they have no interest cuz they have what they want. Our other couple that we found disappeared. Well, the wife did. We think they had a fight and she took off with the baby. And everybody and their dog was arguing with us and had no idea what they were talking about. Anyway, the next day was fifty/fifty, but Sunday we showed up to church and a kid we were teaching forever, but stopped cuz he couldn’t stop drinking and smoking was at the church when we showed up there. That was good!

Also, another woman that’s an ancient investigator is getting married so she can get baptized. Right now we’re just teaching like young guys, two brothers fifteen and seventeen and then this 21-year old kid and then couples that need to get married.

I’m sitting in the cyber right now and it’s not really a cyber. It’s like a private room with a bunch of computers where a guy teaches lessons on how to use computers. There’s like an eighty year old lady sitting next to me, my comp, the guy teaching her on a white board and me. It reminds me of Mom a little bit trying to learn all the ins and outs, but I’m sure Mom, you know more than this lady.


Here are notes from Aldo Bonzi

February 1
It’s FEBRUARY! I can’t believe it! It’s like January didn’t even exist. It flew by! We’re having a lot of success here. The four people who were baptized are progressing and doing well. We’re having two more baptisms this week, Sol and Diana, both teenage girls. Sol is amazing. We gave her a talk by President Monson to read and to pray to see if he was a prophet and she said she knows without a doubt that he’s a prophet after she read it. Diana is the sister of the two little kids who were baptized two weeks ago. They are a big family—like fifty people in the same family and their houses are all connected. They are all starting to come to church now. It’s cool to see.

So I have a cool story. Yesterday one of my ancient investigators that I taught with my last companion came to church. When I saw her walking towards the chapel I threw my hands up and was yelling, “YEAH!”. She had a huge smile on her face. After the first hour of church she came up to me and whispered that she wanted to get baptized. We set a date for her at the end of the transfer. She is a smoker and has to quit smoking. But I was so happy because we worked with her forever. Her name is Lilian and she’s fifteen and basically is a mom. She takes care of her brothers and sisters. Her dad is sick and her mom works in a different city. But she’s got some progressing to do before we can be sure she’s ready to be baptized, but it was good for me to see because I for sure thought she would not get baptized. But looks like I just need to have a little more faith, eh?

It’s my comp’s birthday today and we’re travelling to Ramos today to celebrate. It’s like a big city and we’re going to go eat at a restaurant. Can you believe that? A restaurant!

Oh, I want pictures of you guys. I have pictures, but they’re all of the same day, Jeff’s wedding. I need a little bit of a switch up to show the people. You know, maybe in normal clothes everyday life. The people are going to think that we’re all uptight and always dressed up! Naw, I’m just kidding!

February 8
Well, this week was great! We had two more baptisms. Diana and Sol. Some sad news, though. Lilian went to a party Saturday night and smoked a bunch so she won’t be getting baptized. She didn’t come to church either. Sacrament meeting is last and the family that lives next door to her tried to see if she was there a bunch of times and she didn’t respond or anything. So my comp and I left the church right before sacrament started and ran to her house. It was pouring rain! Rang the bell… nothing… opened the door (she lives behind like two doors) and started banging on the second door… nothing… so she didn’t come to church. We went back soaking wet, but who cares? But we will still try to work with her.

Today is the last p-day of this transfer. I will be getting transferred most likely from Aldo Bonzi. So this might be my last week here. I am scared to leave, but it’s time. I can tell because I’m starting to get comfortable. My comp and I are doing really well, too. It’s always when you’re comfortable that you need to change because you’re not growing, right?

So weird story—There’s this family here that lived in Utah for the last twenty years and we were at their house Saturday morning and they were watching the Fox 13 News on their computer. Not going to lie, it was weird.

Funny story: There’s this couple in my ward and they cruised down to San Clemente for vacation. That’s where Gavin is serving. I wasn’t sure which ward he’s in, but
they went to the exact ward where he is.

My companion and Giselle and Me.  Giselle is crusin' through the Book of Mormon!

Just doin' some shopping.

President and Sister Benton came to fix breakfast and celebrate!

President Benton, Hermana Lopez, Hermana Daniels, and Sister Benton.
What a skit it must have been!

This is the blonde before the (purple??) brown.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

What a wonderful couple of weeks!

Some excerpts from the last couple of letters.......

January 18---We had four baptisms this Saturday.  Yep, four.  Not a big deal--we're just real good over here in Aldo Bonzi.  Michel, who´s twelve; Gisel, who´s fifteen; Erik, who´s twelve; and Mili, who´s nine.

This is a picture of Hermana Daniels and
Mili at her baptism.

Those who were baptized and the priesthood doing the baptizing.      

Yes, they´re all pretty young, but Michel and Gisel are incredible.  They read everything we give them and both come to church alone cuz nobody in their family is a member.  Well, Michel´s dad is, but  he´s less active.  He´s got an older brother who´s a member but lives far away but he came to baptize him and it was real great  There were over fifty people at the baptism--probably more than sixty.  I really don´t think I´ll ever see a baptism like it ever again in my mission.  It was really cool to see so many people in white. Anyway, I was happy at the baptism, but I think I was more happy on Sunday when they got confirmed.  I dunno why, but I really liked that part.  

I have brown hair again as of today.  Like really brown.  I like it much much better I´ll send some photos...some day.  I like the dearelders.  Keep doing them.

January 25--We had lunch at our bishop’s house yesterday and we were walking to his house after church and he asked me where I´d been on vacations because in Argentina everybody is going on vacations right now.  I began to tell him some places and I mentioned Hawaii because I mentioned the family and how I had a family member who used to be President of BYU-Hawaii.  He replied... Wade?... I couldn´t believe it.  He served in the Dominican Republic with Matt Wade.

 Cousin Matt Wade is front row, far left.
Hermana Daniels' Argentine Bishop is in the purple shirt.
(circa 1994?)

I love my companion!

Hermana Leguizamon 
and a brunette 
Hermana Daniels.

As far as the work goes, we are having a lot of success.  We are having another baptism this Saturday.  Her name is Sol.  She´s sixteen and she probably weighs eighty pounds.  She is so sweet and her Grandma lives in the house right next to hers and is always playing 1940´s old music--the kind I love.  So when we teach Sol I really enjoy the music in the backround.  It is really nice.

Our recent converts are amazing.  Michel received the priesthood and we are now teaching his brother.  His dad, who is less active has been at church the last two weeks.  Also, the two little kids who´s Mom is less active were not at church because they were sick.  But the mom came with the other daughter who we´ve been teaching and she has a baptismal date, too.

My comp and I deep cleaned the pench.  It´s AMAZING. Being clean changes my life.