Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February 14, 2011—This past week…We met not Adam, but Eve

Last week flew by. We had something out of the normal schedule going on every single day. Let me tell you a little bit about it. Monday was P-day, Tuesday we traveled and had district meeting, Wednesday we had divisions with the assistants (as in they came and worked with my comp and me). It was fun. My whole mission I’ve wondered how it is for the elders…if it’s different, if people react differently. But it’s all just the same. They get rejected or accepted jus like any sister missionary. Wednesday night we rode back with the assistants to Ramos Mejia and had a sleep over with the hermanas there because Thursday morning we had a meeting all day with the new missionaries and their trainers. Then from the meeting we had other divisions with Hermana Lopez and Svedin. I was with Hermana Svedin back in capital and I had forgotten about the city. I am grateful for Las Heras. Saturday was our only normal working day and Sunday we had church. As of right now I am in Lujan with Hermana Lewis and her comp and we just went to the zoo where we were able to hold baby lions and touch real life huge tigers!!! Was it amazing? Yes! I have pictures. Then we went to Basilica again. I have a fettish with the Catholic church architecture.

Hermanas Daniels and Lewis with a really big cat!

 Hermana Jordan Scanlon

Hermanas Scanlon and  Daniels on alternative transportation.

We had a miracle this week. I kind of don’t want to explain it cuz I can’t do it justice, but I’m gunna try cuz I feel like it could be appreciated. Friday night after we had traveled five hours to switch back divisions. We were walking in the street and we felt genuinely inspired to do a contact with a woman who was sweeping her front porch. We began talking to her and she was extremely receptive. Her name is Eve. But in Spanish that’s Eva. We listened to her a lot and she told us some things going on in her life. Her husband moved back to Argentina to work in a Catholic school the same one where he was raised his whole life. So he’s super Catholic. Eve, on the other hand, is extremely spiritual and very open to listen to her sense of feeling. We shared wit her the plan of salvation because her mother had recently passed away and she didn’t know if there was a life after death. We ended teaching her in the street with a prayer and then I was thinking in my head, “She needs to go to church, but that means we have to pass by tomorrow and I don’t want to be too overwhelming, but…”. So I asked her if we could come back the next day and she excitedly said, “yes”. Saturday evening rolls around and it’s time to go to Eve’s house. She was waiting for us. We sat in her home and taught her basically the restoration, the plan of salvation, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. She had a lot of questions and things. At the end of the lesson we invited her to offer the prayer. Eve took her time and had the pamphlet open on her lap with the steps on how to pray, crossed her arms and took a deep breath and began to speak. When she ended we opened our eyes and Eve had tears streaming down her face. We testified to her that it was the Holy Ghost that she felt. We invited Eve to church. She came. Eve shared her experience in our gospel principles class and she is such a spiritual person. She had the whole room wet in the eyes. Including me. She told us after church that she has to speak with her husband because this is no small thing. She feels she has found her path and the truth. I LOVE EVE. I have been super bummed lately cuz we haven’t been having any success and I felt so bad—my companion not being able to see what a progressing investigator looks like. But we are helping the other hermanas in our area. We have several baptisms planned for the end of the transfer. Crazy how the people started progressing. Delia won’t quit smoking so I dunno if I’ll be able to see her bet baptized.

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