Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February 21, 2011—Surprise

Well…..where do I begin? You’re probably all thinking this will be my final email from the mission field telling of some amazing stories or the things I have learned, but this week something happened….dun, dun, dun. I got flashed. What does that mean? They took me out of the area and put me in another area. This whole week I was in offices with the assistants, with President, and went to the airport twice. I stayed one of the nights with Hermana Urdapilleta, the girl I trained. A few crazy things happened and Hermana Scanlon was a little emotional when I had to leave. I was sad to leave her, too. I loved and love her. She is now with Hermana Duarte in Las Heras. They took me and the other sister missionary out of Las Heras and closed the other half where they were working. But Hermana Scanlon and Hermana Duarte had two baptisms this Saturday. I dunno who is was because I can’t communicate with them. I am now in a place called Billinghurst, which is the most villa area I’ve ever been in. We live with members. My new comp is named Hermana Svedin. She’s from Idaho, too, and she came with Hermana Scanlon. They were actually comps in the MTC. I can’t even tell you how crazy this week has been.

Oh, this girl named Eva is got baptized on Saturday and two other girls are getting baptized this Saturday, but I feel weird cuz I don’t even know them. We were taking pictures with them and I felt weird being in them. President told me they needed me here to help with the baptisms, so I am finishing my mission here in Billinghurst. I went to Hector and Vanesa’s house to say goodbye the day they told me I was leaving. I had no time and they were not happy. But I think they are coming to the airport, so that will be fun.

So that was what happened with me this week. But you know what, Family,…..I am happy. I don’t like goodbye’s anyway and I felt it was going to be a little dragged out in Las Heras. I am happy to be helping where it is needed. I feel at peace. I dunno if that sounds strange, but if I could explain any of the feelings that I feel being that it’s the last week of my mission, I feel at peace. I am happy.

I love you all and I will see you in a week

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