Saturday, February 19, 2011

January 17, 2011--Transfers

I have a lot of things to tell you.  1. My camera broke today. Don’t ask me how or why, but it is broken and I had a few elders who are handy try to fix it and there’s no hope. I won’t have any pictures of the last of my mission, but that’s okay.  I’ll get some from other missionaries.  2. We had transfers today and I am training yet again.  All the new missionaries are from the states so I’ll be with an American.  3. President is sending two more sister missionaries to my area until I leave so he asked me to split the area in two and make a new area book and everything. Hermana Duarte, my old comp from Paraguay and another American are coming to live with me and my new girl. As of right now, this very moment, I am with Hermana Hulen, my MTC comp in Hurlingham!!! We are going to go see my old converts here. I’m excited! Hulen is training, too.  4. They are playing techno in the cyber right now and I might be dancing a little bit in my seat right now, you decide. 

Dad, thanks for sending the flight plans. Wow, I have a LOT of layover time—three hours in Peru and four in LA. I dunno if any of you remember, but once upon a time I lived in LAX for three days—sleeping in the airport. We have a past together.

Our investigators are doing super well.  Delia is the sister of a recent convert and she told us she wants to get baptized. The two little model girls that I love are supposed to get baptized this Saturday, but I split the area so now the new hermanas will be visiting the little girls.

I’ll probably have more details next week about who my new comp is and here she’s from and the investigators and how we are balancing my area with four hermanas. It’s only until I leave, then they are going back to two. We will see if we can find a lot of good people in Las Heras. I love my area. I am happy Hermana Duarte is coming.

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