Friday, February 25, 2011

January 31--Re: Kato is Massive

(As for the subject, Kato is our cat that is on a diet. He really is massive.)

Mom, about the temple…The Argentine temple is not finished. It won’t be finished til October or November, but I went once already. I’m satisfied. I would LOVE to go to the temple when I get home.  That first week… I would really, really like that. I could go every day. I wanna go to the Oquirhh Hills temple, and Draper, and Salt Lake. Those three are goals of mine.

You mentioned Bishop Beecher. I have thought about him various times on the mission and Bishop Christensen, too. I am grateful for church leaders in Utah.

About the Scanlon family…I laughed so hard when you told me you had tried calling them and here’s why:  During the week I mentioned to my companion that I bet my parents have creeped on her and her parents to try to communicate with them. Haha. I like it though, Mom. And so does my comp.

My area…we are struggling a little bit to find progressing investigators. I was a little discouraged in Sunday when we didn’t have anybody at church and I feel like I’m working harder than I ever have in my mission. We will just keep going. We had some really intense lessons with members this week, though, that helped. I love working with the members. It’s so much easier. We don’t know if Delia is back yet cuz we can never find her or get hold of her, but today we are going again and I hope she’s there.

Beth mentioned something about the Holy Ghost in her email which was so true…that the people who aren’t members don’t have the gift of the Holy Ghost all of the time and that is something so distinct that I have seen between members and non members. I can actually see a large difference when before, I didn’t really self actualize the difference or realize. I feel like I never really paid attention to anything before the mission, or I’ve just forgotten my life before. You decide. 

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