Friday, February 25, 2011

January 24, 2011--Hermana Jordan Scanlon

Hermana Daniels (third from left) and her new companion,
Hermana Jordan Scanlon (fourth from left)

Mom, that heading is for you. That is my companion’s name and she is American and amazing. I love her. My comp is from Hailey, Idaho. “It’s by Sun Valley,” says Hermana Scanlon. She is a very pretty sister missionary. I’ll send you a picture if I buy a camera. I still haven’t be able to do that. She went to BYU for the last three years in the nursing program and we know some of the same people. She actually has been out on a few dates with Jake Cutler. Ha!

Today we tried to take a nap because we worked so so hard all week. I was dying and I didn’t sleep last night cuz all the mosquitoes and the heat. And today while we were trying to take a nap, I couldn’t sleep either. It reminded me of that one time when we went to Lake Powell with the Boardmans and it was 100 degrees at midnight and we were all still awake. Then it started raining and Brad and Matt were so hot they just stayed under the rain and let it pour down on them. Anyway….

We are truggling (I’ve not heard this word before….) along and practicing the language a lot in the street, but I’m a bad trainer cuz I like talking to her in English, but I’m working on it. Four new sisters got here and three were from Idaho, one from Utah, and they all come from big families, minimum of six kids. I thought that was interesting.

Delia dropped a bomb on us and had to go on a trip so she won’t be getting baptized til the 12th of February. It is stressing me out cuz it is super hard to get hold of her. When I split the area, I gave all of the progressing investigators minus Delia to the other hermanas so we could focus on finding new people. This week was a little rocky. On Saturday we entered into only one house all day and it was about 100 degrees, but we found a lot of real good people that day. I told my comp at about 7 p.m. that we could sit on the curb for a five-minute break. That felt nice. We chatted and ate some pepas.

This week in Las Heras we had ward conference and there was a shopping 64 people in attendance. That’s the largest number I’ve seen since being here so that was good. Everybody was sweating and having to go get drinks of water from the kitchen during church. Oh, I wish you all could experience some of these things. We ate pizza four days out of the week this week so Hermana Scanlon has a real good idea of what Argentine pizza is like…bread, cheese, boiled eggs, and tomatoes. That’s your average Argentine pizza.

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